The home of Nissan

Only a half hour train ride away from downtown Tokyo was Yokohama. It was a huge change from being in the midst of tourists, and as I left the train station and headed towards a park I’d earmarked, I stumbled upon my first eye catching sight. Continue reading The home of Nissan

Cruising on the Sumida

A cruise along the Sumida River seemed like an easy way to see more of Tokyo. I boarded a ferry at Asakura Pier and glided beneath countless bridges. While the trip was relaxing, there wasn’t much that drew my attention until we reached Hama Rikyu Garden. Continue reading Cruising on the Sumida

District of a thousand temples

I strolled the streets of Tokyo’s Yanaka District where it felt like there were temples on every corner. In fact, there were sixty — still a surprising number for this small district. Continue reading District of a thousand temples

My travel diary

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