Try South Indian paan if you want to break a tooth

Photo courtesy: MacKay Savage — Wikimedia Commons

A foolish choice I made when I was younger, was smoking. By the time I got to India however, I wanted to quit the vile habit.

When I first arrived in Chennai, I thought the streets were splattered with blood until a pedestrian ahead spat the red aftermath of paan near my feet. Chewing the blend of betel nut as hard as biting into a rock, I hoped I wouldn’t break a tooth in an effort to give up smoking. It wasn’t long after spying the blood stained teeth of addicted paan chewers, I grew more wary of paan.

Thankfully, Krishnamurti’s philosophy saved me. He wrote you should never tell yourself anything’s bad. The moment you tell yourself that, you only want it more. His advice put me on the fast track to never desiring a cigarette again without the need of dreaded paan.

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