Mumbai movie mania

Photo courtesy: Humajunn Peerzaada — Wikimedia Commons

Flying into Mumbai, the old familiar odour hit the senses as soon as I exited the airport. Nothing seemed to have changed in my five-year absence. The traffic was chaotic; the sound of horns trumpeted the vast city; and the heat and humidity glued my clothes to my back. In spite of these discomforts, I was excited to return.

I have forgotten what I did during my stay in that enormous city, except for meeting a famous Bollywood star of the day – Zeenat Aman. At her apartment where she lived with her mother, children came to her door to ask for autographs and I remember how friendly and patient she was.

An experience in Kandy, Sri Lanka, however, made me turn down the offer to visit the movie set the next day to watch a shoot. In Kandy, I ran into a small Disney crew and had gone to the set thinking how exciting it would be to see a shoot, but it was dead boring. The crew set up a scene that took forever. When it was finally ready, a tiger ran through a “forest” set on fire. What a load of preparation for a twenty second take.

Back in Mumbai, I decided to spend my time doing something else because at that time, I still hadn’t succumbed to masala movie mania.
Zeenat Aman (Photo:

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