Delhi Hai Meri Yaar

Delhi Street — Photo courtesy: John Hill — Wikimedia Commons

Or so the A.R. Rahman song goes but I don’t remember the city being my friend. I guess the part of town I stayed in, cheap and crowded, didn’t help; very like the video clip below.

Of course the buildings left from the Moghul era were stunning. It was the traffic and grime that got to me and I guess that tells you I’m not a big city girl.

Besides, I had daughters by this time and I dragged the two angels through this journey. They experienced excited children chasing after them out of curiosity in almost every stop and that can be scary when you’re a toddler.

My fondest Delhi memory was while I cooked their supper on a portable electric cooker I plugged into the light socket. The electricity blew in the entire hotel! I could hear the chaos I’d created while I hid behind the door. I found somewhere else to plug in once the manager downstairs got the power working again.

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