The Sun Temple of Konark, Odisha, India. Really?

Really? Sun temple? Looking closely at the sculptured structure, I could think of a lot of appropriate names, but sun temple wasn’t one of them.

Chariot wheel from the Sun Temple, Konark

I entered the complex and the first piece of sculpture I spied on the temple was a wheel from the chariot. I saw a replica at the entrance to the Oberoi Hotel in Delhi so the real one caught my eye. But it wasn’t long before I noticed sculptured pairs in different sexual positions along the walls and heard sniggering from local tourists.

If you some how overlooked this sensual art, there were vendors with their packets of black and white photos who egged you to buy their picture sets of “ten different positions.” I stepped towards the main structure behind the chariot into a musty room to avoid the hawkers. This was the stone structure I’d read about years earlier in an art magazine, so standing amongst the ancient stones was more awe inspiring than being at the Taj for me.

4 thoughts on “The Sun Temple of Konark, Odisha, India. Really?”

  1. Mallee this is a lovely post! The only correction needed is: ‘KONRAK’ in the title of your post needs to be changed to KONARK! Plz do the needful & lemme know! Then I’ll share this nice post!

    Indeed this 13th Century UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must visit! It is ornately sculpted like no other monument & speaks of love…U’ve put it well- “standing among the ancient stones was more awe inspiring than being at the Taj for me.” Absolutely right!

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  2. We haven’t visited the Taj or Konark Temple. 🙂 Must plan a visit sometime. We have visited the temples of Khajuraho. And they were fascinating! Although there is little to do or see around the temples, the temple complex more than makes up for its sleepy surroundings.

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