Away from the maddening Indian crowds

Photo courtesy: Dominik Hundhammer — Wikimedia Commons

No matter where I was in India, it was hard to get away from the crowds, the hawkers, the scents and sounds of India. But while in the south, I found a beach that stretched several kilometres off with not a building or soul in sight. I reached the half way point where the ocean’s tranquility was only disturbed by the thundering surf, when out of the lush coconut palms rushed a lone figure.

I anticipated questions such as —

“You want hashish?”

“Where from?”

“What is your name?”

I remember sighing, wishing I could have one afternoon to myself when the boy rushed towards me, arms outstretched, presenting me with a green coconut to drink. All he wanted was to alleviate my thirst on a steamy afternoon. I wish I’d been more appreciative.

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