Gujarat’s delicious dhokra

Dhokra is a Gujarati savory cake. Yes, that’s right. Not sweet and sugary. It has mustard seeds popped on top with, in my version, curry leaves, grated coconut and chopped chilli, while the cake itself is mostly steamed chick pea flour.

I made dhokra for a baby shower celebration — it was the best I’d made in a long while yet most of my work mates needed a sales pitch before even considering trying a piece. This was beyond me. The most exciting part of travel for me was trying different foods.

Am I a dying breed? That sort of person who once bought a one-way ticket out of my birth country not knowing if and when I’d return? Eating foods my bland pallet had never experienced? Going places where there were not always hotels? Staying with families even in a grass hut? With no travel guide book in hand?

Yes, I think I am.

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