Twenty year run of a Bollywood movie has finally come to an end

How many times can you watch the same movie?

For me, it’s three max if the movie’s as good as Japan’s  Departures or Korea’s Hwai (The Bow). It seems in India however, watching a movie over and over is a time pass for some.

Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge was filmed twenty years back and run a marathon 1 000  plus weeks consecutively. Finally, it’s reached the finish line. That’s twenty years! The once unknown stars, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are both famous today, but honestly, it wasn’t that great a movie so I don’t get it. Is it the lost innocence that is no longer a part of modern day Bollywood movies? Or is it Shah Rukh who is considered a king by some? Even called King Khan?

You tell me. Watch this song (Tujhe Dekha to ye Jana Sanam) from the movie. It will be easy to guess the rest of the corny love story:

5 thoughts on “Twenty year run of a Bollywood movie has finally come to an end”

  1. I’ve seen “Departures” and “the Bow”. The formeris one of my all time favourite films. And I’ve seen ‘DDLJ’. 🙂 Your post made me smile.
    A Japanese friend asked me, “Why are all Indian movies about song and dance?” Probably, because, the reality of real life is too harsh for most Indians to want to see it in their cinema. I think these movies work, because, they offer an average Indian three hours of a dream. 🙂 DDLJ has Bollywood’s most popular romantic pair set across the backdrops of the Alps! It spiked tourism to Switzerland. As most Bolly-buffs would say – it’s got the right masala. 🙂
    Sadly, Bollywood (as its infamously known) hogs the limelight. But there are many parallel and regional films that get hidden. These films make it to foreign film circuits. They win awards internationally, but can never become popular here. It’s slowly changing…

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