Where are her photos of India?

Have you noticed how many of the photos from India are mine? Did I really visit India? If I did, where are my photographs?

Shri Mangeshi Temple, Mangeshi Village
Shri Mangeshi Temple (21 kms from Panaji, Goa)

I’ve given most of  the photos from my third visit to my daughters because one or the other was in the picture. But how about my first two trips? If you look at those I have posted, like the ones on this post, you’ll notice the poor quality. They were taken with a camera you wouldn’t have heard of it’s so outdated. The camera required film and developing. How archaic! There was no deleting a badly taken picture. I had to pay for every photo no matter how poor the quality, so I was careful with every shot. The only people who clicked like crazy as if the subject was about to disappear were from the States. The rest of us were more prudent with our snapping.

Now days, people are like the paparazzi the way they clickity click. Even I’m catching the bug. I sometimes wonder in our haste to get a shot, we miss the essence before us.

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