More on sneaky writer ploys

Photo: Zarateman -
(Photo: Zarateman –

I’m sure you’ve been on public transport and noticed people with head phones stuck in their ears, bobbing along to a mysterious song. Well, here’s a piece of advice: don’t assume they’re all listening to music.

A writer friend of mine recently admitted, when she’s on the bus or train, she puts on headphones but she doesn’t turn on any music. She’s actually listening to what you’re saying. No wonder she comes up with the most bizarre and fascinating stories. You are a writer’s dream out there. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “More on sneaky writer ploys”

  1. You also hear amazing things in restaurants. I was eating in my favourite local Indian restaurant with a friend when one of the women on the table across from us remarked “It isn’t her fault that her mother was a prostitute”. Actually it may have been “his” rather than “her”. I am, however certain of the remainder of the exchange! Kevin

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