Kopi susu delight in Jogyakarta

Photo courtesy: Hullie —Wikimedia Commons

Jogya was like the silver capital of Indonesia. We spent a couple of days roaming silversmith shops and all the other goodies Indonesia offered.

Jogyakarta street – Photo: Hullie – wikimedia.org

I was after batik but it had to be green. My daughter was drawn to fake Cartier watches. This was a dream come true for her because everything was super cheap. We idled through markets where batiks hung like waving flags; tasbis (Muslim prayer beads) filled entire stalls in a multitude of colours; and the food was to die for.

My daughter’s favourite drink was kopi susu. I know, if you speak Hindi, this means something entirely different, but in Malay, susu means milk. Yes, I let her drink coffee in Indonesia because she needed a bit of spoiling. She was homesick, religiously counting down each day till our return. Condense milk rested on the bottom of a glass with dark coffee on top. Each time a waiter placed the drink on the table, she measured the amount of condense milk before stirring. The more sweet milk, the more her eyes sparkled.

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