Surabaya in a day

Because this was before the internet, we bused the hundred kilometres to check for snail mail and returned to Probolinggo the same day.

In Surabaya, a young student befriended us and we let her talk us into going to the zoo. I’ve never found zoos appealing, seeing animals confined, and to prove my case, we arrived at the orangutan enclosure no bigger than my living room. At the chimpanzee cage, a couple of Indonesian teenagers threw a lit cigarette at the animal and when the chimp picked it up, they though it was terribly funny.

I suppose a “better” part was the komodo dragons and the story of a girl who put her hand out to touch a hippo and that was the end of her. As we parted, my daughter had her second Indonesian pen friend.

One thought on “Surabaya in a day”

  1. Gosh the insensitive attitude of some !…have noticed such malice in India a hundred times over, no matter how politely we try to sensitize such people/ children , sometimes it just falls on deaf ears.


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