Saved by a banana in Bali’s monkey forest

The things we do for children. I’m sorry, monkey lovers, these animals do nothing for me, but the thought of going into a monkey forest was a dream come true for my ten year old.

We walked through the forest when an Indonesian man ahead, screamed before racing into the trees. We weren’t sure what was going on until he returned with a wad of money. Apparently, the monkey whipped the notes out of his shirt pocket.

After this visit, my daughter talked me into another monkey forest but this one cured her. She had the monkey sit on her lap until it barred its teeth at her. Fortunately, an Indonesian woman handed it a banana and we cleared out.

5 thoughts on “Saved by a banana in Bali’s monkey forest”

  1. Loved the post …brought back fond memories of monkey forest and how they freaked me out !!! Glad you daughter warmed up them finally !

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