Captured Cormorant

On a walk around the lake yesterday, people stared at a cormorant perched on a log. Although it flapped its wings, it remained stationary.

I soon discovered the distressed bird had fishing line wrapped around its leg so that it was only able to move ten metres or so in any direction.

Trapped cormorant
Trapped cormorant

The local wild life rescue team were informed and waited for the animal to show less agitation. What annoyed me however, was one of the spectators who kept laughing at the bird’s fear. I thought only an occasional child laughed at someone else’s pain until they learned better, but here was an adult appearing to draw pleasure from another’s agony.

One thought on “Captured Cormorant”

  1. So sad 😦 Those fishing lines are threats to the marine life! I have read stories about turtles and whale sharks get entangled by the fishing lines..Disturbing! Those lines do not belong to the habitat of these wildlife.
    Fishermen or people with fishing hobby should be careful when using the line and ensure that they disposed it not in the nature area..

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