Succulent Singapore

Singapore was about shopping but for me, it was more about eating. We either ate an early breakfast of Malay roti canai, or brunched at my favourite restaurant.

The two amazing facts about roti canai are firstly, watching the chef spin the dough until it is paper-thin across a flat fryer, then fold it to form a flaky roti. Secondly, having tasty dal with the roti was a perfect start to the day. Even my not so curry loving daughter, loved that breakfast.

If we didn’t quite make it in time for an early Malay breakfast, we skipped over streets and around corners to Komola Vilas for soothing South Indian. Giant puris (known by some other name) floated down on our food, masala dosa, resam. We were both in taste bud heaven because my daughter could end the meal with masala chai and gulab jamun, a ball soaked in sugary syrup.

This was and still is, my favourite restaurant in the world. Say no more.

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