Beavers? Where?

Beaver's lodge
Beaver’s lodge

Canada may have a maple leaf on its flag, but the country’s animal symbol is a beaver. I’ve been in Canada twenty years and have yet to see one of these elusive animals.

I’ve witnessed their handiwork, gnawing at trees until they tumble over. Their industry is evident around most lakes and creeks. I’ve even managed to spot a lodge here and there and here’s the crazy part, there’s a beaver’s lodge just 300 metres from my house!!

Busy roads border the creek on two sides but this hasn’t deterred the beaver. There’s a line of gnawed trees felled to the ground and the size of its lodge says it all. Perhaps that’s to drown out the noise of the traffic. I’m going to make a point of walking right past its home every time I exercise so that one of these days, I’ll get to see one for real.

Maybe you can even suggest the best time of day.

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