Hey, I’m not done with Malaysia

Photo courtesy: Terence Ong — Wikimedia Commons

This was a year when my three daughters were off on a trip with their dad and I decided that six weeks sitting at home would be down right depressing. To break up the long stretch without them, I flew to Singapore and crossed over into Johor Bahru because I could catch a cheaper flight from JB over to Kuching in Malaysia’s Sarawak, rather than from Singapore.

I was actually in Johor Bahru! May not sound exciting to you, but one of my favourite pen friends lived in this Malaysian state, Rodney Tan. Wonder if he remembers having an Australian pen friend. . .

Well, I no longer had his address and even if I did, it would be weird after so many years to finally meet the boy who wrote me such interesting letters on butterfly stationery. I rushed to the airport and was air-born looking down into the South China Sea and heading for another adventure.

2 thoughts on “Hey, I’m not done with Malaysia”

  1. Your pen friend story reminds me of mine 🙂 I had a pen friend from Paris long time ago, and we wrote each other about our countries and our lives. But then the letters stopped. I did not even remember who stop the letter chain. Now I live in Europe and visiting Paris several times already. Every time I visited Paris, I always wonder about him 🙂 Looking forward to read your next adventure!

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    1. It was a great hobby before the internet. I don’t think children bother with letters any more. I used to love receiving mail and guess you did too.


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