Bako Blunder

Photo courtesy: Peter Gronemann, Switzerland  Wilimedia Commons

I bused towards Bako National Park, thirty-seven kilometres from Kuching, leaving the city behind. The road went as far as Kampong Bako. After that I took a half hour boat ride up river to the park. The driver steered the small craft through waters surrounded by beautiful rock formations and wild vegetation.

I whipped out my camera and after finishing a snapping frenzy, sat back talking to the only other passenger, a woman doing a teaching stint in a nearby Asian country. As we stepped off the boat on to the jetty, I realized I no longer had my camera. When I stood, it must have fallen from my lap, into the river so you’ll understand that my photographs of Sarawak are borrowed.

My souvenirs of the trip are brochures of the two parks I visited and memories I put to print for the first time.