Niah Cave into famous soup

Photo courtesy: Starlightchild — Wikimedia Commons

Only when I reached the cave entrance, did I realize I was in trouble. I had no flashlight. As someone was leaving, they thankfully handed me their torch and I ventured into the huge underground world.

If you expected fantastic rock formations in the Great Cave, this wasn’t the place. It was merely a seventy metre high cave that was a couple of hundred metres long. What made it fascinating, were the creatures inside. There were thousands of swiftlets that nested in the high ceiling and men who climbed with no safety net to harvest the very nests used for bird nest soup.

I moved deeper into the cave where a dim light highlighted where one of the climbers worked. Swirling creatures flittered above and I wasn’t sure if they were bats or swiftlets because both inhabited the cave.

When I clip clopped back to the wharf, a climber sat waiting for a boat ride to Batu Niah with his sack of bird nests. I guess he was done for the day.

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