Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim National Park

At Combers Beach I took a one kilometer hike to the beach through vegetation that metamorphed from tall to short bent over spruce crouching from the salt spray and wind swept winters. I came through a “tunnel” to a deserted part of Long Beach where seaweed spewed over the sand.

I ventured along the Rain Forest trail. The wooden planked trail was full of ferns, skunk cabbage, horses tails, cedars and giant hemlocks.

Comers Beach trail
Comers Beach trail

I hiked at a leisurely pace due to the many other walkers as they stood in awe at many of the sights I now take for granted: beautiful mosses hanging from branches; giant trees that looked like they might house a bear; twisting root systems. Two tall cedars had actually taken over a third tree, entrapping it in between. The three trunks were distinct at the bases but surged into one giant tree some 20 metres up.

Giant fungus
Giant fungus hemlocks

4 thoughts on “Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim National Park”

  1. What a great post, beautiful photos, well written captions. This is one of those places I have wanted to visit for a very long time.

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      1. my wife and I honeymooned on Vancouver island and that was beautiful. I have traveled from west to east in Canada. Canadians are always gracious hosts.

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