Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim trails

The Bog Trail criss-crossed level planks above a mashy terrain. Like the beach vegetation, the vegetation was stunted though not hunched over. When I touched the moss, it was spongy. In some places the mud oozed through where the vast variety of species left a gap. There was a sign that said First Nation peoples once used the spongy vegetation as a disposable nappy for their babies; the true environmentalists.

Mushroom along the Bog Trail, Pacific Rim National Park
Mushroom along the Bog Trail, Pacific Rim National Park

Nuu-Chah-Nulth-Aht Trail leaflet stated the Ucluelet First Nation raised their first totem pole in 100 years but I never saw one along the 5 km hike. Beautiful wild flowers dotted the trail and part of the walk encompassed the tail end of the bog. When I returned to Florence Bay where the trail began, my mouth was agape by logs stretched the length of beach.

Long Beach 8.03.43 AM
Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

One thought on “Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim trails”

  1. Loved the bit about the sponges used as nappies !!! Wish you had spotted totem …I am really waiting to see one myself oneday. I have a little totem souvenir my husband picked up from some place . Loved your shots!

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