Air line security? Or not

After reading experiences of drivers travelling the Dempster Highway, I decided it wasn’t for me. The day before I left Inuvik, a tourist busted his motorbike on the dirt road coming north, so I knew I made the right decision to fly in and out of the North West Territories.

After travelling international routes, the Air North flight to Dawson City was a culture shock. There was no scanning passengers or hand luggage for dangerous weapons. Everything was casual and friendly. I stepped into the small aircraft on the runway and was told to sit anywhere.

After we landed, I discovered there was no bus or taxi into Dawson City, but someone overheard me asking and before I knew it, I had a ride into town with a friendly local.

2 thoughts on “Air line security? Or not”

  1. Haha, sounds like Africa. Why do security when you don’t have to? Having said that, Dawson City probably not too worried about terror attacks. We drove the Dempster with our four kids in 2010. And naturally, had a flat tire 8 miles from Eagle Plains. It sure was an adventure! I am presently writing about that trip on my blog
    Gorgeous place, Dawson City. A real tourist gem for Canada.

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