By train from Carcross to Lindeman Lake

After lingering in Carcross, we finally boarded the train and were off, passing kilometre upon kilometre of Bennett Lake. When we reached the end of Lindeman Lake, the train stopped because this was where gold miners built their canoes then paddled upstream heading for Dawson City, in the direction I had come from.

Church at Lindeman Lake
Church at Lindeman Lake

Both the Chilkoot Pass and White Pass trailed over the mountains from this point to Skagway. We wandered around what was left of the small settlement, to a church, where prospectors may have once prayed, thankful they’d made it over the pass. Debris lay scattered around the site, old cans from one hundred years ago, left by the miners. This was the first time I’d been told not to pick up garbage.

Old cans left by the miner at Lindeman Lake
Old cans left by miners at Lindeman Lake

Before returning to the train, we were served lunch at a long table, consisting of a meal that would have been typical during the gold rush era. No curry. No sushi. What a dull diet it must have been back then.

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