Silvermine Bay, Lantau Island

I left Hong Kong, but on my return flight stopped off in the city to break up the long journey. This time I stayed at Silvermine Bay, a quiet secluded beach with accommodation right on the waterfront. The location boasted a cave that turned out to be like a hole in a rock but there was a short walk along a waterfall. This was a place to soak up the relaxing atmosphere away from the big city where I could stroll along the beach and gain strength for the final leg of my journey back to Vancouver.

Silvermine Bay waterfall, Lantau Island
Silvermine Bay waterfall, Lantau Island

2 thoughts on “Silvermine Bay, Lantau Island”

  1. The Waterfall is really beautiful. I was in Vancouver a while back on my way to Malaysia, and I loved everything about it. Even had the opportunity to stay out on Bowen Island with a friend for a night! The city clashing with the forest was beautiful, and it was thrilling to be able to cycle through it all. Plus, inexpensive Japanese restaurants.
    Safe Travels on your way home

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