A gathering in the high Andes

My daughter spent a year in South America and during that period, we decided to hook up in Ecuador. It happened to be the year I had a student from Ecuador in my class who was also heading south. While I waited in the capital for my daughter’s arrival, I met up with Samanta and her parents. We spied each other from opposite sides of a Quito corner, waving franticly with big smiles.

I met a different girl from the one whom I taught that year. In class she was quiet and shy. In Ecuador however, she beamed, full of confidence. My guess is that finally she was in a place where everyone looked like her.

I was led to the roof of a building where a café revealed a 360 degree view of Quito, high up in the Andes. In the sunny vista, we drank tea and talked. This day was one of the highlights of my Ecuador trip because it was wonderful to meet up with familiar faces in a far off land. It was also rewarding to see Samanta’s pleasure at being in Ecuador, her birthplace.

What an ideal introduction to my month long trip through Ecuador.

Samanta with me, Quito
Samanta with me, Quito