A troublesome tourist

I’m not sure where I remember hearing a woman from the States grumble at top volume to her embarrassed friend.  Firstly, she complained the restaurant where we had also eaten the night before took too long to bring the food. We’d read they cooked everything fresh so naturally we had to wait, but the wait had been worth it.


Next she was disgusted her laundry someone was washing for her was being “air dried” and huffed about how long that would take.

Little did she know that this was something I missed most since moving to Canada. Every time I took my washing off the clothesline while visiting my daughter in Australia, I immediately sniffed the freshness. I love the smell of clothes dried with a combination of fresh air and sunshine. How can that compare with a drier? But still she grumbled . . . and grumbled so the whole hotel restaurant where we ate breakfast could hear her loud moaning. I felt sorry for her U.S. travelling companion whom I’m sure never went anywhere with her again.

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