Last stop, Guayaquil, Ecuador

We headed back to Guayaquil where I would fly home after an enjoyable month. Ecuador had been easy travel. I suppose after India and especially Java, Ecuador was a breeze.

We discovered a great restaurant that I hadn’t noticed on my first Guayaquil visit. My daughter’s a coffee shop kind of person so the marble topped tables, the busy atmosphere and the nibbles offered were right up her alley. The place had what I imagined, a modern South American atmosphere.

Iguana, Parque Victoria, Guayaquil
Iguana, Parque Victoria, Guayaquil

I said goodbye to my daughter; goodbye to the parks of Guayaquil, goodbye to Parque Victoria and the iguanas that I didn’t want to get close to; goodbye to the many churches though I never stepped inside one; and goodbye to a country that gave me my first taste of South America.

Parque Victoria, Guayaquil
Parque Victoria, Guayaquil

Meanwhile, my daughter was meeting up with someone else from Canada for a week while I was in the air, before she headed further south into Peru. Perhaps I’ll suggest that she write about her experience on her blog. It’s frightening how much you forget and how many of the memories return once you write about a trip.

Church opposite Parque Victoria, Guayaquil
Church opposite Parque Victoria, Guayaquil

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