Calgary’s floods

The Bow and Elbow Rivers gurgle through neighbourhoods like old friends. Only when the snow melts from the Rockies, does the water level rise and every decade or so, dramatically. Last year was one of those years. The river rose, wrecking havoc of many of the beautiful houses that fronted the rivers.

Elbow River, Calgary
Elbow River, Calgary

I never witnessed the flood that came within metres of the apartment my daughter once lived in, but I did see the result a few months later when we walked the neighbourhood. Nearly every house along the river had piles of wrecked carpets, damaged furniture, pieces of wood, dumped in containers on the sidewalk. Marked on garage doors or sides of houses, was the level the water rose, between one and two metres up the walls.

We crept along streets saddened by the loss these people suffered. That’s why my photos are of the ambling Elbow River, not the one that devastated a community.

Dandelion along the Elbow River trail
Dandelion along the Elbow River trail

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