Alberta’s capital and beyond

Columbia Icefield glacier - Saperaud -
Columbia Icefield glacier – Photo: Saperaud –

My daughter attended a wedding in Edmonton so I volunteered to drive her. I know, it was over a thousand kilometres one way, but it wasn’t long after I arrived in Canada, and I was keen to see some of the country.

On the way, we stopped in Jasper National Park where a moose trundle down the main street of the town. But we couldn’t stay long. We had to get to Edmonton.

Not being a keen shopper, the world’s largest shopping mall in Edmonton didn’t impress me. When my daughter was at her friend’s wedding, I explored over priced antique shops and Fort Edmonton Park. While none of this grabbed my attention at least I was there in summer so I didn’t experience the minus forty degree winters.

From my hotel window, I peered  down on an urban landscape that looked like a bulldozer had levelled the land all the way to the horizon. Luckily, we didn’t stay long in Alberta’s capital city or I would have caught flatphobia.

We drove back to the Rockies, taking the Columbia Icefields highway south. On this drive, I understood how the famous Rockies got their name. The highway passed through the middle of the mighty range with towering giants on both sides that exposed layers of rock. When we arrived at the the glacier, we were told the highway had been closed the day before due to a snowstorm. But all was calm on the day we arrived.

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