The Mediterranean Sea’s Malta

I visited Malta three times, but don’t let that fool you into believing it was worth three visits. For me, it was because my daughter and her husband lived there for five years.

The islands of Malta seemed practically treeless to me, which might explain why buildings were constructed of stone. Parks and playgrounds were few and often cemented. But wherever I turned, the Mediterranean Sea glistened against a backdrop of buildings with shuttered windows and wrought iron balconies.

We boated past Valetta’s waterfront of churches to Fort St Angelo. From the buildings there was a hint of the mixture of past cultures. Malta’s location in the Mediterranean Sea led to its capture by many invaders over the centuries leaving their mark on the buildings and place names that I found difficult to pronounce.

Fishers off St Julian's
Fishers off St Julian’s

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  1. I was disappointed too. I went to Malta to chase up where my mother and family had lived during her childhood. Valletta is not so bad, although exhausting to get around, but Sliema is grotesque!

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  2. Aha, very interesting post. I wonder how a city looks like without trees. I guess it’s like a night without its beautiful glittering stars in the skies. Mediterranean Sea would be an amazing place though.

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