Mdina and Rabat

While Mdina had a distinctly Islamic name, it was clear that, like the rest of Malta, it was strictly Catholic. We entered the enclosed town over a bridge that made me think I’d crossed a moat to a castle. At its heart was a square, fronted by an impressive church, St Paul’s Cathedral.

As we wove our way along narrow roads, we arrived at a view with Mosta in the distance, outlined by the Mediterranean Sea. Mdina was located near the centre of the main island, and it was clear from the view, that the island wasn’t very big.

Mosta Catholic Church
Mosta Catholic Church

We crossed to Rabat that lay beside Mdina, walking the streets to discover a church at the centre of this town too.

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  1. When I first read the title of this post, I thought shouldn’t it Medina in Saudi Arabia. May be a typo or something. But when I read the post, I realized my mistake.

    Is Rabat also in Malta?

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