Return to Valletta and St John’s Co-Cathedral

The following year I returned to Malta. My first stop with my daughter was St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta.

Valletta's St John's Co-Cathedral
Valletta’s St John’s Co-Cathedral

This was probably Malta’s most ostentatious church of high ceilings covered in paintings and gold leaf decoration with a history steeped in Knights Templar. I found parts of the structure eerie. Skeletons were not something I expected to be depicted in a church but I shouldn’t have been surprised since many old churches buried prominent leaders, inside the buildings, their stone coffins rising along the naves.

St John's Co-Cathedral, Valletta
St John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta

I was curious as to why something like this was depicted in a church and can only imagine that it was a scare tactic that probably worked on some, though I’m still uncertain. Perhaps you can enlighten me.