Malta’s Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples

Not far from the village of Qrendi, we entered a small museum cum visitors’ centre and on to Hagar Qim temple on a hot afternoon. Although the white roof over the site offered a welcome relief from the sun, it took away some of the ambience of the historic site. Built with huge stone slabs, the temple overlooked the sea amidst a barren, rocky landscape.

Five hundred metres away, we tottered towards the smaller Mnajdra temple that because of its location, seemed to me a pray we don’t see any invaders temple because of its bird’s eye view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Malta’s Hagar Qim Temple
Malta’s Hagar Qim Temple

Like their cousin on Gozo, these temples dated back well before the pyramids to between 3600 B.C. to 3200 B.C. Being this ancient, it surprised me that I had never heard of them before; never read any article about them or even seen photos of these ancient sites that told something of Malta’s early civilization.

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