Admiralty Point hiking trail

I hiked through tall cedar and douglas fir along this Admiralty Point traill during the early days after my move to Canada. Over the years, I forgot about the trail in favour of other walks but last summer, I returned delighted again that not many people were on the route.

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Indian Arm, off from Belcarra Regional Park

On a secluded nook, stood one mysterious house. Tiny crabs and mauve star fish were a common find on the rocky, sometimes sandy or muddy inlets. But the real gem was the view at Admiralty Point that stretched across the Burrard Inlet to Burnaby.

Admiralty Point trail, Belcarra
Burrard Inlet from the Admiralty Point Trail, Belcarra

We walked on one of those perfect west coast days where the sun danced on the sea. I stood on a stony beach wanting to capture its essence but the glare was too strong for me to see what I was photographing. I had to guess and check till I preserved the memory I was after.

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  1. The sun glare makes the image attractive, especially with the addition of the light sparkles on the water – perfectly described by your sentence ” the sun danced on the sea” – love the line!

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