Sand hills in the middle of Canada?

I had to see this. On my last drive to Calgary, I thought I’d travel the extra kilometre or thousand into the next prairie province. If I thought Alberta’s roads hardly varied from straight and flat, I hadn’t hit Saskatchewan. My arms were locked in the same position on the steering wheel for hours it seemed until I searched for the Great Sand Hills. I discovered like those before and after, that Sasketchewan doesn’t seem to get that signs to its interesting sights need to be before a turn off, not on the turn off.

I motored up and back studying a map till finally I guessed it had to be the track that was at least heading in the right direction. A couple of hundred metres down the narrow road, there was the sign, Great Sand Hills.

The Great Sand Hills, Saskathewan
The Great Sand Hills, Saskathewan

If I expected my hardships were over, I was in for another surprise. Climbing out the car to indulge in this wondrous site, I was attacked by giant mosquitoes the prairies were famous for. Not having any repellent, I literally ran over the dunes with the black monsters on my tail, and ran back to the car.

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