A Bear Reminder

One of the benefits of where I live is areas of forest are preserved on both sides of every creek and river in the city. While I’d like to believe it’s for environmental reasons, it’s really about economics because come fall, millions of salmon swim upstream into these creeks and rivers to spawn.

Salmon berries
Salmon berries

The windows of my apartment look on to one of these greenbelts so when I begin my backyard hike, I start on a trail between a forest and multiple low-rise apartment blocks.

Hollow through the brambles made by a bear
Hollow through the brambles made by a hungry bear

On part of this walk, thick masses of salmon berry brambles and fireweed line the path. I sometimes forget it’s bear and cougar country but yesterday I had a subtle reminder. The thick shrubs along a more remote section had hollows carved out like caves that hadn’t been there on my previous walk. This was evidence of bears, come to feast on the salmon berries.

Better remember my bear bell next hike.

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