Seoul’s Bongeunsa Temple

While people prayed before a Buddha statue in Bongeunsa Temple, I tiptoed around until I came across lanterns. I’m guessing devotees pinned a prayer to the bottom of the lanterns that swayed in the breeze; perhaps for a loved one long gone or a plea for a child.

Bongeunsa Temple's Buddha statue, Seoul
Bongeunsa Temple’s Buddha statue, Seoul

I had been in Seoul several days by this time, and it occurred to me that no one spoke to me from this vast city. Koreans took my order in restaurants or money when I entered a palace, but during my entire stay, I didn’t have one conversation with anyone local.

I know Vancouver can be like that. Some Vancouver residents complain of loneliness. But I’ve smiled and said hello to Koreans who live in my building and have sometimes had no response. If you have an inkling about this culture that I’m missing, I’d love to know your view.

2 thoughts on “Seoul’s Bongeunsa Temple”

    1. I suppose I was a little disappointed after being in India and Indonesia where I found people extra friendly. It could have also been a language issue since I didn’t know any Korean.


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