Incheon’s Wolmido Wharf and beyond

Wolmido Wharf was a relaxing stroll along a wide boardwalk where the busy port was visible in the distance. It was packed with locals deciding on which of the many restaurants to eat at or which amusement ride they’d try.

Yeongjongdo Island
Yeongjongdo Island

I went further afield to Yeongjongdo Island where it was quieter. That hot afternoon at the beach was a perfect end to my brief stay. I’ve recorded the beach as Seonnyeo Beach but Google doesn’t recognize my spelling. Perhaps you can help if you recognize the place from my photos.

Drying chilies in Chinatown, Incheon
Drying chilies in Chinatown, Incheon

And what did I do about food because honestly, I didn’t want to eat Korean again? Luckily, there was Chinatown in Incheon with a great Chinese restaurant that saved me.

One thought on “Incheon’s Wolmido Wharf and beyond”

  1. I can see it was very low tide when you were there, judging by the boat’s position..I like Korean BBQ here in the Netherlands but I am not sure if it has the original taste though..


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