Auckland’s Devonport

I drove to Auckland’s Devonport where the sun reflected off the calming water. Old renovated houses with verandas and carved decorations fringed the entrances, reminding me of Paddington (Brisbane). Across the sea, miniature Auckland lined the waterfront.

Down at the bay, seagulls patiently waited an opportunity. Standing erect on the beach, they eyed other birds scanning the seaweed, washed up with the last tide. Shells arched around Cheltenham Beach speckling the sand towards the manicured North Head.

Cheltenham Beach, Auckland
Cheltenham Beach, Auckland

Tahuna Torea Nature Reserve tucked away in Half Moon Bay, housed countless birds nestling in branches along the meandering path. Rock wren flittered past in a flash of green. Birds cooed as if seeking out each other among tree ferns and species of dracophyllum. Pukeko (swamp hens) roamed among fallen leaves and around the swamp searching for insects.

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