A Moody brewery tour

It was rather ironic that someone who hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol in decades should win a tour of the local brewery, but that’s what happened. Luckily, I have a few sipper friends who jumped at the opportunity to join me on a tour and tasting trip to Moody Ales.

The sippers heading for the tour
Heading for the tour

We entered the small but spotless brewery where stainless steel containers towered behind us while our knowledgeable guide, Robin, explained the ingredients. The chocolaty smell of roasted barley and the pungent aroma of hops still lingers and for me, offered a better fragrance that the final product.

Moody Ales, Port Moody
The menu, Moody Ales, Port Moody

We chose four samples from the beer menu and while Robin explained details on the brewing techniques for each variety, my friends whiffed and tasted each sample. Amazingly, everyone had a different favourite by the end of the tasting but we all agreed, it was a neat experience and I know most of us will return.

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