The north island’s sand dunes

New Zealand’s sand dunes weren’t far from Cape Reinga. The route south bounced down a dirt road to dunes rising majestically to meet the blue sky.IMG_0273My only companions were footprints of previous climbers etched into the shifting sand. The first dune climbed, I slid along a ridge scanning for an easier way to reach the next, but there was no alternative but to attack the next steep ascent. My feet slipped with each step until, staggering, I reached the top, a lone figure on an empty landscape. Ahead was another dune and the sound of surf pounding the beach.

The blue of the ocean streaked above the dunes
The blue of the ocean streaked above the dunes

Disturbing the charm, a screaming busload of tourists arrived. Sliding down the dunes, I veered to the stream soaking my feet and taking a different route from the noisy party. Toetoe dotted the landscape on the southern side, while on the northern side of the stream was another world like a scene from Lawrence of Arabia undulating to the horizon. The dunes lost their mesmerizing quality with the noisy crew, so I turned back to see my car, a white dot in the distance and left the revelers.IMG_0275

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