Victoria’s Hanging Rock

Like many others who long ago saw the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock, I had always wanted to visit the film’s location. The movie’s setting added to the mystery of the story so I was thrilled when my daughter suggested we drive there.

Mossy Hanging Rock
Mossy Hanging Rock
Hanging Rock, Victoria
Hanging Rock, Victoria

Not far from Melbourne, this rocky hill rises over a flat landscape. We climbed through towering boulders where vegetation sprang to life from cracks. Moss blanketed ancient rocks while wind crept along the trail. It wasn’t a high or long climb, but every step brought a view to die for.Hanging Rock 1

3 thoughts on “Victoria’s Hanging Rock”

  1. I have to be honest, I have to google Picnic at Hanging Rock imdb to check the movie and judging by its story, I would like to watch it, thanks for introducing it, Mallee! Looks like a mysterious “mystical” place 🙂

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    1. It was an odd movie – definitely not great. If you want to watch excellent Australian movies: Muriel’s Wedding, The Castle and Rabbit Proof Fence are outstanding. Or go to my Pinterest site I have all what I consider the best.

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