Irish food and a Cork “delicacy”

Tripe photo courtesy: Kent Wang –

After a few days in Ireland, I can’t say I was a fan of the food. The dishes were the same bland English style. I solved my dilemma by finding Indian restaurants where I never saw an Irish person eat. Then I read about a Cork “delicacy.”

Growing up, I hadn’t been a fan of my mother’s cooking. She cooked how most women did back then – no spices and vegetables limp from over boiling. Sometimes she made tripe with white sauce.

Tripe - Photo courtesy: Lissen -
Tripe – Photo courtesy: Lissen –

Tripe, for those of you who’ve never been as fortunate as me, is the rubbery slimy insides of a sheep’s stomach. I sat for over an hour, every time the dish was served, and refused to eat it, much to my mother’s frustration. While this was a rather sad memory from my childhood, I had to laugh when I read that this very dish was a Cork delicacy, a delicacy I avoided during my stay in the city.

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    1. I couldn’t either but unfortunately because my mother had gone through the depression and couldn’t bear to waste food, it was a battle of her stubbornness against mine.


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