Cork’s famous port – Cobh

Cobh photo courtesy: jmenard48 –

I strolled Panna and crossed the River Lee but wasn’t overly excited by Cork. I collected the research I needed except for one last location – Cork’s port, Cobh. Brought to fame by being the last port of call for the Titanic, the town was only a half hour’s train ride away. The train rattled beside the River Lee where a lush landscape bordered the stream.

I can only guess at why I didn’t take one photo of the beautiful port; I must been busy with my notes; inspired by the location. Climbing the stone steps where a Catholic church overlooked the sheltered harbour, I discovered a wedding in progress. As I learned from a women on the bus heading from Waterford to Cork, this was the wedding season and she had been on her way to one.

Cobh - Photo courtesy: psyberartist -
Cobh – Photo courtesy: psyberartist –

Below, a footpath bordered the channel where fishing boats and tugboats cruised up and down stream. This cute town won my vote hands down. The relaxed atmosphere lulled me into a dream state where the voices of my characters came to life and with regret, I journeyed back to Cork.