Kilkenny’s Thomastown

I bused north from Cork to Thomastown. It was a little hard to find accommodation in this tiny place because, you guessed it, there was another wedding celebration and an entire hotel was booked.

After securing a roof over my head, I wandered the graveyard. At the edge of the town stood a section of the old stonewall dating back to 1373.

Old town wall on the edge of Thomastown
Old town wall on the edge of Thomastown

I was busy taking notes in Thomastown because I was one step away from the main Irish setting of my novel. I asked questions around town and as always, found the Irish accommodating. They not only shared information I needed, but kept on sharing. On one occasion in Dublin, I’d been standing at an intersection consulting my map, when a man asked if I needed help. Not only did I receive directions, but he kept on talking and talking so I almost forgot which way to go.

Jerpoint Abbey, Thomastown
Jerpoint Abbey, Thomastown

While I’d researched these settings on line before I left, there was nothing like actually being there.

Just out of town was Jerpoint Abbey, a 12th century stone ruin where even the dialogue invaded my head as I wandered through the grounds.

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