Last stop – Kilkenny

Although Kilkenny was small, it was lively during the Arts Festival. I visited old sites: I wandered through Kilkenny Castle and lounged on the lush grounds; I went into spooky Rothe House; climbed St Canice’s Cathedral’s tower where I could see farms dotted in the distance; walked along the Butter Slip where maids once sold their butter; and even took in an Australian movie.

Kilkenny Castle
Kilkenny Castle

It was my last stop before heading back to Dublin to catch a ferry to Liverpool.

I lapped up the sunlight and the atmosphere enjoying the last few days of my visit. I found a shop owner on a quieter part of the town, to complete my research. As usual, I was offered an abundance of information.

The Butter Slip, Kilkenny
The Butter Slip, Kilkenny

I booked this trip only a couple of weeks in advance. I hadn’t been expecting much. With no expectations other than completing research, I was uplifted by the island’s history and even more so by the friendly welcome. I hope, some day, I can return and see more.

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