Ferry across the Mersey

At dockside Liverpool, the buildings were a show piece, the dock appeared recently updated. The old grandeur of the stately buildings gave a glimpse of the city’s past glory.

I did what I had wanted to do since the old Gerry and the Pacemakers’ hit song first rung in my ears, took a ferry across the Mersey. It was the best part of my short visit. Birkenhead and Wallasey on the opposite bank looked inviting as the ferry headed to the mouth of the river.

Heading to the mouth of the Mersey River, Liverpool
Heading to the mouth of the Mersey River, Liverpool

I spent the rest of my time idling beside the Mersey along the pleasant Albert Docks, listening to conversations. I wasn’t tempted to go into the Beatle museum or visit any of the other places associated with the band. It wasn’t that I didn’t admire their music. I was taking notes and photos, getting inspiration for a novel I’m finally satisfied with all these years later. I put it aside for over ten year and am now doing the final edit.

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