By pass to Masindi

Photo courtesy: Daryona –

I headed into northern Uganda towards Murchison Falls National Park because I hadn’t had enough of animals in the wild but didn’t quite make it. Instead, I found myself in Masindi, a small town on the border of the reserve.

The Hasanali family who once lived in Masindi, Uganda

I was introduced to the Hasanali family, with the warmest welcome. It was a special religious celebration the afternoon I arrived and I was taken to the mosque. I believe they were from the Shia sect, the Twelvers, and the occasion was Idd el fitr, which commemorated an event both in the koran and the bible.

I’ve often wondered what happened to this wonderful family after Asians were expelled from Uganda. I’d like them to know because I never forgot their hospitality and the unique experience they opened to me.

Update: Thanks to this post and my website, I have reconnected with this family who now live in U.S.A. and have supplied me with additional information included in my novel set in Uganda, You can’t clap with one hand, that I am at present submitting to publishers.

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