On safari in Uganda

Elephant – Photo courtesy: Daryona – Wikimedia.org

It was a sad state of affairs when I grew tired of seeing hippopotamus in Murchison Falls Game Park. They were as thick as thieves in the game park. It was a feeling similar to Kenya when I stopped taking notice of zebra because they appeared to be everywhere.

I remember spotting an elephant on the banks of the Nile and edging closer to take my photo. Silly me, creeping near a wild animal. I wouldn’t do that now although the elephant had ignored me. That experience, however, brought to light how enormous not only the elephant was, but also the size of its tusks.

Marabou stork – photo courtesy: Lip Kee Yap – wikimedia.org

The other creature I remember vividly were marabou stork. They flocked around the game park lodge. These huge birds were as important as the vulture. After the larger animals ate their fill from kills, the stork cleaned the rest of the scraps off the bones. It wasn’t necessary to go all the way to Murchison Falls to see them. They lurked in Kampala as well.

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