Churchill’s Inukshuk Beach

I arrived at Inukshuk Beach where not another sole lay in sight. Iced Hudson Bay stretched before me along with the first inukshuk I’d seen in the north.

They were signposts for the Inuit. Where the flat, wintery landscape looked the same and there was no sun in winter to indicate direction, inukshuks were constructed to guide the way. Sometimes, food was stored under stones so a hunter might find something to eat if he hadn’t been successful.

The Beluga beside Hudson Bay frozen in the distance.

At the beach, were a few tables above the shoreline but it was hard to tell because everything was smothered in snow.

The Beluga, with its table and chairs and a viewing deck above.

Further along a boat, the Beluga, was the only other sign of human existence until I turned around to the buildings behind. In spite of my layers of clothing, I needed to hike back and thaw out a little. My glasses kept fogging, my nose running and I needed a thicker pair of leggings under my jeans to deal with the  -30 conditions.

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